Batch Cocktails

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Praise for Batch Cocktails:


“As Trader Vic himself once said, ‘Spend time with your guests, not making mixed drinks.’ In her new book, Maggie gives you dozens of delightfully delicious ways to free you from behind the bar and become the host with the most. With these recipes and techniques at your disposal, you’ll soon find yourself famous for both your charming fêtes AND witty banter!”
–Martin Cate, James Beard Award-winning author and owner of Smuggler’s Cove San Francisco.

“Hoffman delivers a useful collection of big-batch libations from bartenders around the country. Once readers have selected their preferred genre (herbal and floral, boozy, bitter, etc.), they can choose from a handful of drinks that fit that flavor profile. Tips on balancing flavors on a large scale and storage of mixes and leftovers make the book as practical as it is thirst-quenching. Weekend entertainers and professional bartenders alike will benefit from this book; it’s an outstanding collection for all tastes and occasions.”—Publisher’s Weekly (starred review)

From the introduction:

If you’ve arrived here, I think you’ll agree with me that cocktails are lovely. But over the many years that I’ve spent writing about drinks, I’ve learned that more than anything, it’s really the cocktail hour that matters. When you get a drink in someone’s hand and fill your own glass, you’ve arrived at a crucial, beautiful moment. You’ve set aside your work; your miles-long to-do list is on mute. There may be snacks, dinner will be served somewhere down the line, but for now, you can pause for a sip and a breath; it’s a time to catch up.

But as anyone who has hosted a cocktail hour knows, there’s nothing worse than scrambling at the last minute, trying to mix drinks as your guests walk through the door. It’s hard to hold a conversation while searching for lost bitters, knocking over the jigger on the counter, and rattling a shaker full of ice (let alone trying to get the damn thing open). And without fail, just when you’re finally about to sit down, your friends are ready for a second round.

This is why I’ve gathered together recipes of make-ahead drinks created by some of my favorite bartenders around the country: to set up that moment of calm. With this book in hand, you can make a bunch of cocktails all at once, in advance, and serve them without breaking a sweat.

I hope you’ll use these recipes as an excuse to invite friends over, even if your house is messy, even if you don’t have enough chairs. Don’t fret over serving a perfect multicourse meal—order pizza. The drinks are made. They’re ready to pour. You’re not rushing around fussing and jiggering and shaking, being the frenzied “perfect” host. There’s nowhere else you need to be but with your people, sharing a glass or two.


BUY IT ONLINE at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, or Indiebound