Selected Clips

Cocktails & Spirits

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Summer’s Best Drink: The Frozen Mezcal Paloma (Serious Eats)

Food & Cooking
The Best Way to Make Iced Coffee Isn’t Cold Brew (Epicurious)
Juggling a Lot Right Now? Cook Slow, Not Fast (Epicurious)
Sous Vide is a Busy Person’s Best Friend (TASTE)
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Orzotto: When Mac & Cheese Marries Risotto (TASTE)

Bar Reviews: San Francisco Classics
Something Special Happens at The Plough and The Stars (San Francisco Chronicle)
The Old-Fashioned Art of Bartending is Alive at Brazen Head in the Marina (San Francisco Chronicle)
Tony Nik’s in North Beach is still cool after 85 years (San Francisco Chronicle) 
A Perfect Night at the Royal Cuckoo (San Francisco Chronicle)

Bar Reviews: San Francisco New and Notable
Can the new Beehive bar rekindle the old cocktail magic of Range? (San Francisco Chronicle)
Finding Love at Orson’s Belly in the Richmond (San Francisco Chronicle)
The Cordial Masters the Art of the Spritz (San Francisco Chronicle)
Women Rule the Bar at Pearl 6101 (San Francisco Chronicle) 
Let Ayala Lure You to Union Square (San Francisco Chronicle)
Why Brew Coop, the Mission’s Serve-Your-Own Beer Spot, fails as a bar (San Francisco Chronicle)
Cellarmaker House of Pizza Unites SF’s Best Hoppy Beers with Detroit-Style Pies (San Francisco Chronicle) 
Are $21 Cocktails Becoming the Norm in San Francisco? (San Francisco Chronicle)
Can Nommo be a Neighborhood Bar in a Neighborhood of Glass Towers? (San Francisco Chronicle)

Beer & Wine
What is San Francisco Really Drinking? (San Francisco Chronicle)
Great Canned Wines for Your Camping Trip (Sunset)
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Sharing the Wealth at High Treason (SevenFifty Daily)
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Profile: Sufferfest Beer Company (San Francisco Chronicle)